Thursday, August 12, 2010

The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

Ok, this is not exactly a fiction read like our previous reviews, but I just have to share this one, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Elizabeth Pantley is so awesome.
Lately I have had a lot of friends going through the same bedtime struggles that I experienced with my oldest just a couple of years ago. I ALWAYS, always, ALWAYS, recommend this book!

Making the transition from crib to bed was the hardest for us- figuring out how to get Kaden to stay in bed was driving us bonkers! So I picked up this book and followed its recommendations and he (well ALL of us) were sleeping peacefully within weeks. I have followed the guidelines with my subsequent children and so far we have not had any major problems!

Every parent has their own views and ideas on sleep training- some methods are more controversial than others- but this book takes a nice and gentle approach, and gives advice you can actually use. It is so practical and easy to follow; it is a cinch to just look up the problem you're having in the index and flip right to the point- thought it's not a bad read cover to cover either.
It deals with virtually every problem you could encounter from bed-wetting to nightmares or 3rd wheels (i.e. when you're sweet baby is NOT a baby anymore and WON'T stay out of your bed and your poor husband just wants a little action...yes I just said that, it's true!)

I really enjoy this author and will probably look into her other books on discipline and potty training and let you know how they are...


Marly said...

very cool. I have the baby book and haven't read the toddler one. I'm not a fan of the crying it out and I like the gentle stuff better.

The Barneys said...

Thanks for the the book review. A few people have told me about this lately and it's something I think I really need to read right now.

Erin said...

Oh man we have a 3rd wheel and of course hubs hates it! (me too)
I'm gonna rock Audrey's world with this book! Is this one of those 'buy it' types of books?

Darci said...

i bought it because i reference it a lot- but you can borrow mine, erin!

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